Too often, big ideas remain vague aspirations, never brought to life. With us, it's different. Once we commit to a project, we go all in. It's a promise we make to you and to ourselves. At the heart of our team lies this purpose of bringing bold projects to success.

Our team

Max Chabot

Max Chabot

Studio director

Méghan Tremblay

Méghan Tremblay

Art director

Jordan Laverdure

Jordan Laverdure

Designer graphique senior

Geneviève Roberton

Geneviève Roberton

Graphic designer

Since 2021

Our studio was born out of the ambition to create a space where inclusion, creativity, and open-mindedness thrive. Decisions are made collaboratively, and ideas flow freely during our brainstorming sessions, fueling our collective growth. Our team is our pillar, our source of strength. Every day, we make progress, inspiring our thinkers and designers to build their own confidence.

Studio Tangible merges strategy and design to make our partners vision visible. Our mission is to guide brands towards success by building a unique universe. For us, creativity is not an end in itself but a thoughtful and impactful response to each company's evolution.


Studio Tangible - Max at the Balmoral Golf Tournament

Balmoral Tournament

Studio Tangible - A team lunch at the Lupi pizzeria


StudioTangible - Studio Tangible Cap

Cap Tangible 001

StudioTangible - Juliet du Rouge Tomate

Rouge Tomate

Studio Tangible - Lana on her best life

Lana on her best life

Studio Tangible - Rouge Tomate Sweater

Merch RT

Studio Tangible - Max Chabot

Morning Max

Studio Tangible - Le studio

Studio edition

Studio Tangible - Centerpiece


Studio Tangible - Meghan drinking coffee in Togo

Megghy and Togo

StudioTangible - Julien Brisebois At the Balmoral Golf Tournament

Golf X Olodge

StudioTangible - Gen En shooting

Shoot Gen

Tangible Studio - Offsite at Lamarche Orchard

Offsite at the Orchard

Studio Tangible - Meghan drawing

Oignon rings

Studio Tangible - Art Direction

Inspo DA

StudioTangible - Geny in pick up truck

Genny summer mode

Studio Tangible - 5@7 Pizza Vino

5@7 Pizza Vino

Studio Tangible - Café edition Studio Tangible

Café edition ST

Studio Tangible - Megghy au Centerpiece

Honneur à TNF

Studio Tangible - Cornhole tournament

Cornhole tournament

Studio Tangible - Math the filmaker

Math filmaker

Studio Tangible - Meghan et Bianka

Tout soleil

Studio Tangible - Buffet Rouge Tomate

Rouge Tomate Buffet

Studio Tangible - Max Chabot

Pizza oven